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Debt Settlement Letter, from Debtor


Settlement Talks Only

Name of Creditor (Person to Whom Debt is Owed)

Dear Sir or Madam:

I refer to our recent discussion, pursuant to which we disputed the amount being claimed by you in relation to our alleged outstanding balance or bill with you.

You offered to settle the matter in full for $ ___________, of an originally claimed amount of $ ____________. In addition, you also agreed to acknowledge that this settlement would extinguish any debt we owed you as of the date of your receipt of that sum.

We have not received your confirming offer to do this in writing. Please forward it at your earliest convenience.

By accepting such payment, you are deemed to have accepted the same in full satisfaction of such obligation, and we will accordingly be able to rely on that representation and consider the debt to be satisfied in full.

Our discussion above does not prejudice any rights we may have against you for the various reasons outlined to you before and others not discussed yet. In addition, this settlement discussion is done in good faith and therefore does not prejudice our rights.

Best regards,

Debtor (s)

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